Truck carrying 18 tons of human waste spills on South Carolina interstate 

A truck carrying 18 tons of human waste crashed and spilled its contents onto a South Carolina interstate
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The State Editorial Board: South Carolina should learn from Safety-Kleen debacle

“Being known as the nation’s dumping ground hardly enhances our tourism allure. Having to pay tens or hundreds of millions of dollars to keep other states’ waste from leaking into our lakes and rivers and groundwater hardly makes us look smart to businesses thinking about bringing jobs here.”


Lancaster County Economic Development Board Opposed To Solid Waste Bill In SC Legislature

“When recruiting new business and industry to the state, being known as the home for everyone’s trash on the East Coast really wouldn’t be a strong selling point.”


The Greenville News Editorial Board: Reject bill inviting out-of-state trash

“The Senate has not acted on the bill, and should soundly reject it in the coming session.”


The Greenville News: Don’t Dump on South Carolina

“If these bills pass, we will lose our voice in many important decisions about waste disposal, because our elected officials will no longer be able to insure that our interests are respected.”


The Orangeburg Times and Democrat: Waste legislation could cost locally, hurt statewide

“We agree, believing that the people in poorer counties such as those in The T&D Region are particularly vulnerable if successful efforts at collaboration to provide key services, such as the Three Rivers Solid Waste Authority, are put out of business.”


The State: STATE HOUSE: 38 of 46 counties oppose H.3290

“This level of activity reflects the widespread impact of the flow control legislation and the importance of defeating that bill.”


Conservative Radio Host Mike Gallagher: “There’s a lot of reasons to oppose this.”


Charleston Post and Courier Op-Ed: South Carolina shouldn’t serve as a garbage dump

“We welcome our friends from out of state, but not their garbage”

Dillon Herald: Council Chair Opposes H 3290

Dillon Op-Ed

Chairman Archie Scott “believes that the bill will hurt everyone but large waste corporations.”

Waste bill would dump on local taxpayers

“H. 3290 gets rid of our ability to direct waste there, leaving the counties and, more importantly, their taxpayers only their wallets to foot the bill for the bonds.”

Urge ‘No’ vote on H 3290

Marlboro Op-Ed


Huge landfills create a “dirty and dangerous trend.”


38 of 46 Counties Agree, H 3290 is Bad for SC

Across South Carolina, county councils are letting state legislators know that H 3290, which passed the state’s House of Representatives last year, would be a boon for out-of-state waste corporations but a disaster for local communities.

Thirty-eight of South Carolina’s counties (see map below) have said “no” to more out-of-state trash. In doing so, they are aligning with their constituents versus “Big Trash” companies like Waste Management and Republic Services that already control most of South Carolina’s garbage.

“It is extraordinary for 38 counties to take the time to pass a resolution on a single subject with council agendas as crowded as they are,” said Joe Branham, President of the South Carolina Association of Counties. This level of activity reflects the widespread impact of the flow control legislation and the importance of defeating that bill. These resolutions represent just a fraction of the intensity against flow control legislation.”

Ann Timberlake, Executive Director of Conservation Voters of SC, added, “We want to thank the legislators and local officials who are opposing this bill. They truly have South Carolina’s interests at heart.”

Counties Flow Control

Alexander Oconee Journal


The Oconee Journal: Solid waste bill ‘not a priority’

“I think this is a bill that they just should let it die.”


Horry County, solid waste authority could lose $900K if council passes repeal of construction debris in flow control

“…educational programs in schools and funds that address construction, new technology and recycling could be impacted…”


Federal appeals court upholds Horry County’s trash ordinance

“The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals rejected claims … that the county’s flow control ordinance violates the equal protection and commerce clauses of the U.S. Constitution.”


Solid waste bill is bad for our state

“…the bill will result in less competition and higher costs for the residents…”|newswell|text|Opinion|s


Lowcountry conservatives oppose flow control bill

“Davis and Campsen oppose legislation which they say would effectively give large corporations that control landfills a monopoly on the waste management market.”


County asks lawmakers to dump trash bill

Orangeburg County on Monday joined a growing number of counties which have formally resolved to oppose the legislation.


WIS: Legislation in the works to change where your trash goes

“Do we want to be a state that people visit or a state where people dump their trash?”


Letter to Spartanburg Herald-Journal: Flow control bill “alarming for South Carolina.”

“House Bill 3290…would potentially reduce citizen participation in landfill decisions.”


Flow control bill bad for state, Beaufort County

“County and municipal budgets are all strained as it is, and we should not be raising our taxes for the convenience of New York and New Jersey.”


Beaufort Island Packet: “We hope the bill fails.”

.”…It will deny all counties an important say in their local operations and could potentially lead to higher taxes if trash is hauled long distances.”


Trash from NYC, New Jersey Sent to South Carolina

“WYFF News 4 Investigates learned some Upstate lawmakers took campaign money from private waste companies that bring out-of-state trash to South Carolina.”


Legislation Would Make S.C. a Dump

House Bill 3290 and Senate Bill 203 are an attack on Home Rule.


We Shouldn’t Let ‘Big Trash’ Dump on SC

“You can’t judge a book by its cover — or a bill by its name.”


Lakelands Counties Sign on to Fight Flow Control Bill

“The Saluda and Abbeville county councils voted Monday and Tuesday, respectively, to oppose House bill 3290 and Senate bill 203.”


Lowcountry Neighbors Speak Out on Trash Bill

“Now, these neighbors are speaking out, and asking citizens of the Lowcountry to get involved and educated in the coalition “Don’t Dump on SC.”


Trash Bill a ‘Pig In a Poke’

“What this whole issue involves is big private waste companies trying to squeeze out the competition — public landfills — to gain a more competitive advantage. If they get their way, you can bet your last dollar that prices won’t go down. They’ll go up.”


More than 150 Attend Meeting in Beaufort County on Out-of-State Trash

“H. 3290 would prohibit any county ordinance that directs the flow of waste. This prohibition applies whether the ordinance is a simple hauling franchise, a contract to dispose of waste from the county in a joint landfill, or states that solid waste will be disposed of in a particular landfill.”


South Carolina’s Out-of-State Trash Pies
Out of State Tonnage


Total Tonnage


There is no monopoly* on South Carolina’s out-of-state trash.

* Merriam-Webster defines monopoly as “complete control of the entire supply of good of goods or of a service in a certain area or market.”

Controversial Garbage Bill Would Cost You

“Don’t Dump on SC”, made up of several other conservation and other organizations, has started running a new TV ad to fight a bill they say would cost you money and bring more out-of-state garbage into South Carolina.


Trash bill would invite increase in out-of-state waste, officials say

A bill pending in the Legislature that would allow waste haulers to dump trash in any state-approved landfill, even those outside the county where it was collected, would damage counties’ abilities to regulate solid waste and invite an increase in out-of-state trash, officials with environmental groups and county governments alleged today.


Conservation groups and counties run ad against proposed law that favors “Big Trash”

The Don’t Dump on SC coalition ad targets a bill currently making its way through the South Carolina Senate, which opponents claim would make it easier for private landfills to bring in tons of trash from out-of-state.


Coalition releases ads opposing S.C. trash bill

Conservation groups and county governments are fighting legislation they contend will eventually lead to more out-of-state trash being dumped in South Carolina, stinking up the state and polluting the environment.


Coalition Launches Ad Campaign to Block Out of State Trash



Solid-waste Bill Threatens Local Control, Fiscal Integrity

In The State newspaper, Midlands Attorney Margaret Pope, who is an expert in public finance, says the solid waste bill would have a crippling effect on counties’ ability to manager their finances.


Coalition Forms to Stop Big Trash in SC

Who: Citizens Against Dumping on SC

What: Coalition Forms to Stop Big Trash in South Carolina

When: Nov. 4, 11 a.m.

Where: Statehouse Lobby, Columbia, SC


Groups representing a broad range of interests have announced the formation of the Coalition Against Dumping in SC. The Coalition was created to inform South Carolina citizens about H 3290, the so-called “Flow Control Bill.”

Members include:

· Coastal Conservation League

· Conservation Voters of South Carolina

· League of Women Voters

· SC Association of Community Development Corporations

· SC Solid Waste & Recycling Professionals Association

· Sierra Club

· South Carolina Association of Counties

· South Carolina Wildlife Federation

· Sustainable Midlands

· Upstate Forever

H 3290 passed in the House last session. If signed into law, the bill has the potential to allow Big Trash companies to take control of county-operated landfills. Were that to happen, the landscape of South Carolina could be fundamentally altered.

The Coalition Against Dumping in SC, which has bi-partisan support among legislators, aims to block H 3290 and keep control of South Carolina’s trash with the state’s citizens.

At the press event, the coalition will unveil its first series of advertisements about the dangers of out of state trash.


Fight looms over landfill regulation – October 10, 2013

Big national garbage companies are hoping to turn South Carolina into a “waste colony” through legislation during the next term of the General Assembly, lobbyist Benton Wislinski told members of the Winyah chapter of the Sierra Club this week.


Legislator now talking trash in Columbia – May 12, 2013

“This bill nullifies the county’s waste management contracts,” said Councilman Andrew Siders. “The impact will be immediate, and the taxpayers will be stuck with the bill.”


A Necessary War on Garbage Trucks

“New Yorkers generate more than 14 million tons of waste per year, which is hauled away by 2,000 Department of Sanitation trucks and 4,000 private vehicles. Hundreds of 18-wheelers then drive New York trash into neighboring states — in 2010, half of the city’s trash wound up in Virginia, Ohio, and South Carolina. The overall system creates 1.66 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions, about 3 percent of the city’s total output.”


Sierra Club opposes S.C. bill dealing with solid waste disposal – October 9, 2013

“For years, South Carolina has been known as a place of sunny beaches and vacations,” said Chris Hall, vice chairman on the South Carolina Sierra Club. “We’ve got a beautiful state, and I don’t want the rest of the country using my state as a dumping ground.”


South Carolina, Landfill of the Eastern Seaboard–Landfill-for-the-Eastern-Seaboard

“Yes, if things go the way some folks in the state legislature want them to go, our great state could become the garbage dump for anyone willing to pay the price to ship their trash to South Carolina.”


“That garbage goes someplace else, it’s on its way to South Carolina” (VIDEO)

 Good Morning America shows trash being processed in NYC and sent to South Carolina, starting at the 1:20 mark.


Hold your nose over dumping ruling - September 3, 2013

South Carolina is, unfortunately, a state friendly to dumps. Other states ship their waste here for disposal. The small mountains of waste tower over nearby property and spread out over large footprints.


Garbage, garbage everywhere in SC – May 18, 2013

The bill has broad implications that ultimately could render public garbage service obsolete in South Carolina, leaving waste companies to take over, set prices and import more out-of-state trash into the state.


Landfill bill could hurt local taxpayers, officials say – February 20, 2013

“Defaulting on the bonds would require local taxpayers to pay additional costs for disposal,” Prickett said.


Lay waste to bad waste bill – April 25, 2013

By all appearances, the bill would be a boon for the out-of-state waste industry, and a slap at local governments that represent the residents of South Carolina.


Taxes In, Garbage Out: The Need for Better Solid Waste Disposal Policies in New York City

“…the final destination for Staten Island waste is 660 miles away in Bishopville, South Carolina.”

8% of New York City refuse in 2010 was disposed of in SC


Staten Island Waste Transfer Station Does Dirty Work of Mayor’s Trash Plan – September 27, 2011

Staten Islanders are grateful that landfill is not on the borough. Instead, it is in South Carolina.